About Us

With over 10 years of experience in design, marketing, manufacture and distribution of sports apparel; we have perfected the art of manufacturing down to a science.

As industry leaders in customised uniforms and sports apparel, we have achieved continued growth by staying ahead of new trends and styles and continuously expanding our product range to suit our customer's needs.

Our specialties include on and off field sportswear and lifestyle apparel. With manufacturing carried out by our partner factories, having all our work done within our own manufacturing houses allows us to have full control of every aspect of production.

We aim at providing our customers with innovative custom made apparel that is fused with creativity in design, comfort and durability and value for money. We also pride ourselves in our adaptability to service any market from the sports field to the corporate environment.

Mission Statement

To craft and develop all custom sports apparel to complete perfection.

Our Story

RYZER was brought to life with a commitment to bringing you next level customised sporting apparel.

Our team consists of a collective of talented expert individuals from the sporting, fitness and manufacturing industries. The team brings a wealth of experience; forming a combined total of over 20 years' experience in areas of design, manufacturing, marketing and product development; we are taking custom sporting apparel to the next level.

We take pride in designing, manufacturing and delivering high-end custom sports apparel, including custom rugby jerseys, custom varsity jackets and custom hoodies to complete perfection.

No matter it be for a State Championship OzTag team, social weekend Basketball Comp, daughters Dance Comp or you son's Under 6's Rugby Team, we are dedicated to providing quality at the highest level and will continue to exceed expectations.